January 18th


2022 Reliant Capital reports over 156 million in equipment volume funded. 


Reliant Capital, a commercial financing company specializing in financing for equipment vendors, successfully funded $156 million for customers in 2022, a 101% increase year over year compared to 2021.


“Our plan to stay focused, keep a positive attitude, and to be passionate about serving our partners in 2022 paid off,” Chris Shea, President of Sales at Reliant Capital, said. “Growth in 2022 was driven by continued traction in our vendor origination channel combined with providing financing to our existing customers. During this period, we maintained our rigorous underwriting standards as evidenced by our portfolio performance.  Our team is excited about the 2022 performance, and we anticipate that our continued focus on the mission will help drive growth in 2023. We are just getting started”


Although 2023 is expected to have its share of economic uncertainty, the Reliant Capital team is aiming to continue hiring and growing.


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About Reliant Capital

With more than 100 combined years of experience, our team brings deep industry knowledge to each relationship. Reliant Capital serves as a trusted capital partner to leading manufacturers and distributors in their respective industries. We draw upon years of deal knowledge, diverse industry coverage and situation-specific credit expertise to provide innovative, fast & flexible financing solutions.

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