Katy Russell Bio – Reliant Capital

Katy Russel

Manager of People Operations

Katy is the Manager of People Operations at Reliant Capital, where she brings over two decades of sales and operations management experience. With a BA in English Literature from UC Irvine, Katy excels in crafting clear, effective internal processes and communications that support both leadership and staff, facilitating the company’s seamless growth.


At Reliant Capital, Katy is instrumental in cultivating a “people-first” culture. Her efforts ensure that everyone feels valued and supported, creating an environment where all team members can thrive and succeed. She champions HR-based resources that enhance workplace dynamics and employee satisfaction.


Beyond her professional life, Katy treasures family trips to Brazil, where she reconnects with relatives and friends. These visits not only refresh her but also reinforce the importance of community and relationships—values she brings back to her role at Reliant.