Vendor Program – Reliant Capital Group

Take your sales to the next level

The Reliant Capital Vendor Program is your all in one marketing and administrative solution. With our custom branded resources & tools your customers will have a highly personalized and streamlined experience.


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We understand that the finance journey can be cumbersome. Our job is to alleviate that.

1. Prospecting

The first impression is everything. Let's make sure your offerings can't be refused by creating sleek, personalized, marketing materials.

2. Closing

It's important to give your customers as many tools as possible when they're deciding between options. Our custom tools will leave no questions unanswered.

3. Monitoring

With our backend analytics your team will have direct insight into how many deals are currently getting worked on and which need special attention.

Take advantage of approvals

We have 40 nationwide banking connections to help your customers get any type of deal done.


Why work with 1 bank when you can work with 40?