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Chris Shea

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  • Reliant Capital
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Acquire the complete Body Balance System with affordable payments


We offer 100% financing, same-day approvals, and funding within 24 hours


No money down. No payments for 90 to 180 days


Terms from 12 to 72 months


Principal only early buyout


Financing for doctors and non-doctors alike

Please also note that the IRS tax code section 179 for 2023 has just been increased to allow you to deduct 100% of your equipment acquisition cost up to $1,160,000. This means you could finance equipment with little or no out-of-pocket payments and get a 2023 tax deduction savings of up to about $350,000. Please contact your own tax advisor to see what is right for your situation; the example assumes a $1,000,000 purchase and 35% tax bracket.

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