Monica Larios Bio – Reliant Capital

Monica Larios

Funding Team Lead

Monica serves as the Team Lead of Funding at Reliant Capital, where she brings a wealth of experience with three years in equipment finance and four additional years in customer service. Her role is pivotal in overseeing the funding operations, where she ensures that processes run smoothly and efficiently.


At Reliant Capital, Monica appreciates the robust team-building activities and the well-stocked snack cabinet, both of which enhance the workplace atmosphere and foster a strong team spirit. Her leadership not only drives her team’s success but also nurtures a supportive and engaging work environment.


Outside of work, Monica and her husband share a passion for desert racing, frequently taking their SxS Rzr to explore the challenging terrains of Barstow, Nevada, and the Glamis Sand Dunes. Additionally, Monica has taken up hiking and has ambitious plans to delve deeper into the scenic trails of the Pacific Northwest. When it comes to food, nothing matches her love for street tacos paired with a refreshing blended strawberry margarita.